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ACL-2022-102. Biecher Y., Baux A., Fauth F., Delmas C., Goward G. R., Carlier D. Structure and electronic structure evolution of P2-NaxCoO2 phases from X-ray diffraction and 23Na magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance. Chemistry of Materials 2022, vol. 34, n° 14, p. 6431–6439. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c01055 / HAL : hal-03713543

ACL-2022-099. Soloy A., Flahaut D., Ledeuil J.-B., Allouche J., Foix D., Vallverdu G., Suard E., Dumont E., Gal L., Weill F., Croguennec L. Unravelling the morphological dependency of the LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 layered oxide reactivity in Li-ion batteries. ACS Applied Energy Materials 2022, vol. 5, n° 7, p. 8669–8685. DOI : 10.1021/acsaem.2c01223
WOS : 000820793600001 / HAL : hal-03684103

ACL-2022-090. Windmüller A., Renzi T., Kungl H., Taranenko S., Suard E., Fauth F., Duttine M., Tsai C.-L., Sun R., Durmus Y. E., Tempel H., Jakes P., Masquelier C., Eichel R.-A., Croguennec L., Ehrenberg H. Feasibility and limitations of high-voltage lithium-iron-manganese spinels. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2022, vol. 169, n° 7, p. 070518 (11 p.). DOI : 10.1149/1945-7111/ac7ef8
WOS : 000826694800001 / HAL : hal-03726412

ACL-2022-083. Soloy A., Flahaut D., Foix D., Allouche J., Vallverdu G., Dumont E., Gal L., Weill F., Croguennec L. Reactivity at the electrode-electrolyte interfaces in Li-ion and gel electrolyte lithium batteries for LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 with different particle sizes. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2022, vol. 14, n° 25, p. 28792–28806. DOI : 10.1021/acsami.2c04249
WOS : 000820833600001 / HAL : hal-03684124

ACL-2022-079. Olchowka J., Fang R., Nuernberg R. B., Pablos C., Carlier D., Cassaignon S., Croguennec L. Particle nanosizing and coating with an ionic liquid: two routes to improve the transport properties of Na3V2(PO4)2FO2. Nanoscale 2022, vol. 14, n° 24, p. 8663-8676. DOI : 10.1039/D2NR01080A
WOS : 000807032800001 / HAL : hal-03692962

ACL-2022-072. Wernert R., Nguyen L. H. B., Petit E., Sanz Camacho P., Iadecola A., Longo A., Fauth F., Stievano L., Monconduit L., Carlier D., Croguennec L. Controlling the cathodic potential of KVPO4F through oxygen substitution. Chemistry of Materials 2022, vol. 34, n° 10, p. 4523-4535. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c00295
WOS : 000805874800027 / HAL : hal-03690171

ACL-2022-068. Er-Rami F.-E., Duffiet M., Hinkle S., Auvergniot J., Blangero M., Cabelguen P. E., Song K. S., Weill F., Delmas C., Carlier D. Understanding the role of Al doping of LiCoO2 on the mechanisms upon cycling up to high voltages (≥4.6 V vs Li+/Li). Chemistry of Materials 2022, vol. 34, n° 10, p. 4384–4393. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.1c04338
WOS : 000805874800013 / HAL : hal-03689384

ACL-2022-066. Park S., Wang Z., Deng Z., Moog I., Canepa P., Fauth F., Carlier D., Croguennec L., Masquelier C., Chotard J.-N. Crystal structure of Na2V2(PO4)3, an intriguing phase spotted in the Na3V2(PO4)3–Na1V2(PO4)3 system.. Chemistry of Materials 2022, vol. 34, n° 1, p. 451–462. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.1c04033
WOS : 000739334300001 / HAL : hal-03634263

ACL-2022-063. Soloy A., Flahaut D., Allouche J., Foix D., Vallverdu G., Suard E., Gal L., Weill F. and Croguennec L. Effect of particle size on LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 layered oxide performance in Li-Ion batteries. ACS Applied Energy Materials 2022, vol. 5, n° 5, p. 5617–5632. DOI : 10.1021/acsaem.1c03924
WOS : 000832794500037 / HAL : hal-03662948

ACL-2022-058. Park S., Chotard J.-N., Carlier-Larregaray D., Moog I., Duttine M., Fauth F., Iadecola A., Croguennec L., Masquelier C. An asymmetric sodium extraction/insertion mechanism for the Fe/V-Mixed NASICON Na4FeV(PO4)3. Chemistry of Materials 2022, vol. 34, n° 9, p. 4142-4152. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c00501
METRIC : 52930960 / HAL : hal-03671793

ACL-2022-053. Delgado T., Gartmann N., Walfort B., LaMattina F., Pollnau M., Rosspeintner A., Afshani J., Olchowka J. and Hagemann H. Fundamental loading-curve characteristics of the persistent phosphor SrAl2O4:Eu2+,Dy3+,B3+: the effect of temperature and excitation density. Advanced Photonics Research 2022, vol. 3, n° 4, p. 2100179 (9 p.). DOI : 10.1002/adpr.202100179 / HAL : hal-03618175

ACL-2022-046. Gao A., Zhang Q., Li X., Shang T., Tantg Z., Lu X., Luo Y., Ding J., Kan W. H., Chen H., Yin W., Wang X., Xiao D., Su D., Li H., Rong X., Yu X., Yu Q., Meng F., Nan C., Delmas C., Chen L., Hu Y.-S., Gu L. Topologically protected oxygen redox in a layered manganese oxide cathode for sustainable batterie. Nature Sustainability 2022, vol. 5, n° 3, p. 214-224. DOI : 10.1038/s41893-021-00809-0
METRIC : 50479056 / HAL : hal-03659118

ACL-2022-038. Nguyen L. H. B., Sanz Camacho P., Fondard J., Carlier D., Croguennec L., Palacin M. R., Ponrouch A., Courrèges C., Trad K., Jordy C., Genies S., Reynier Y., Simonin L. First 18650-format Na-ion cells aging investigation: A degradation mechanism study. Journal of Power Sources 2022, vol. 529, p. 231253 (13 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2022.231253
WOS : 000782421600004 / HAL : hal-03607692

ACL-2022-029. Fang R., Olchowka J., Pablos C., Nuernberg R. B., Croguennec L., Cassaignon S. Impact of the F– for O2– substitution in Na3V2(PO4)2F3–yOy on their transport properties and electrochemical performance. ACS Applied Energy Materials 2022, vol. 5, n° 1, p. 1065–1075. DOI : 10.1021/acsaem.1c03446
WOS : 000771959600057 / HAL : hal-03573801

ACL-2022-018. Olchowka J., Fang R., Pablos C., Sanz Camacho P., Carlier D., Croguennec L., Cassaignon S. Effect of the particles morphology on the electrochemical performance of Na3V2(PO4)2F3-yOy. Batteries & Supercaps 2022, vol. 5, n° 1, p. e202100179 (10 p.). DOI : 10.1002/batt.202100179
METRIC : 50101512 / HAL : hal-03406159

ACL-2022-010. Wang Z., Park S., Deng Z., Carlier D., Chotard J.-N., Croguennec L., Sai Gautam G., Cheetham A. K., Masquelier C., Canepa P. Phase stability and sodium-vacancy orderings in a NaSICON electrode. Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Materials for Energy and Sustainability 2022, vol. 10, n° 1, p. 209-217. DOI : 10.1039/D1TA09249A
METRIC : 50363493 / HAL : hal-03467608

ACL-2021-141. Li Y., Li X., Du C., Sun H., Zhang Y., Liu Q., Yang T., Zhao J., Delmas C., Harris S. J., Chen H., Huang Q., Tang Y., Zhang L., Zhu T., Huang J. Degradation by kingking in layered cathode materials. ACS Energy Letters 2021, vol. 6, n° 11, p. 3960–3969. DOI : 10.1021/acsenergylett.1c01976
METRIC : 51960565 / HAL : hal-03465094

ACL-2021-123. Berthelot R., Serrano-Sevillano J., Fraisse B., Fauth F., Weill F., Laurencin D., Casas-Cabanas M., Carlier D., Rousse G., Doublet M.-L. Stacking versatility in alkali-mixed Honeycomb Layered NaKNi2TeO6. Inorganic Chemistry 2021, vol. 60, n° 18, p. 14310-14317. DOI : 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.1c01876
WOS : 000699833500055 / HAL : hal-03355352

ACL-2021-119. Sanz Camacho P., Wernert R., Duttine M., Wattiaux A., Rudola A., Balaya P., Fauth F., Berthelot R., Monconduit L., Carlier D., Croguennec L. Impact of synthesis conditions in Na-rich Prussian bleu analogues. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2021, vol. 13, n° 36, p. 42682–42692. DOI : 10.1021/acsami.1c09378
WOS : 000697282300032 / HAL : hal-03355266

ACL-2021-116. Ouerghi Z., Guionneau P., Brandan S. A., Termel E., Kefi R. Crystal structures and local environments of NASICON-type Na3FeV(PO4)3 and Na4FeV(PO4)3 positive electrode materials for Na-ion batteries. Chemistry of Materials 2021, vol. 33, n° 13, p. 5355-5367. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.1c01457
WOS : 000674266000057 / HAL : hal-03350982

ACL-2021-082. Souiwa K., Lebraud É., Gayot M., Weill F., Mauvy F., Avdeev M., Chtourou R., Hidouri M., Toulemonde O. Structural and spectroscopic studies of NaCuCr2(PO4)3: a noncentrosymmetric phosphate belonging to the α-CrPO4-type compounds. Inorganic Chemistry 2021, vol. 60, n° 11, p. 7803–7814. DOI : 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.1c00296
METRIC : 46600134 / HAL : hal-03255646

ACL-2021-077. Invernizzi R., Guerlou-Demourgues L., Weill F., Lemoine A., Dourges M.-A., Baraille I., Flahaut D., Olchowka J. Controlled nanostructuration of cobalt oxyhydroxide electrode material for hybrid supercapacitors. Materials (Basel, Switzerland) 2021, vol. 14, n° 9, p. 2325 (17 p.). DOI : 10.3390/ma14092325
METRIC : 44070496 / HAL : hal-03239512

ACL-2021-072. Lemoine A., Invernizzi R., Salvato Vallverdu G., Madec L., Olchowka J., Guerlou-Demourgues L., Baraille I., Flahaut D. Surface reactivity and surface characterization of the layered β(III)-CoOOH material: an experimental and computational study. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2021, vol. 125, n° 16, p. 8570–8581. DOI : 10.1021/acs.jpcc.1c00041
METRIC : 47249018 / HAL : hal-03229987

ACL-2021-068. Guené-Girard S., Jubera V., Weill F., Roger J., Fargues A., Heintz J. M. Thermodynamic and experimental approach of the effect of Si on the sintering of Y3NbO7. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 2021, vol. 41, n° 10, p. 5316-5323. DOI : 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2021.04.032
METRIC : 47397719 / HAL : hal-03224339

ACL-2021-056. Boivin E., Chotard J.-N., Masquelier C. , Croguennec L. Towards reversible high-voltage multi-electron reactions in alkali-ion batteries using vanadium phosphate positive electrode materials. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 2021, vol. 26, n° 5, p. 1428 (22 p.). DOI : 10.3390/molecules26051428
METRIC : 39878916 / HAL : hal-03196199

ACL-2021-042. Cheng Y., Zhang L., Zhang Q., Li J., Tang Y., Delmas C., zhu T., Winter M., Wang M.-S., Huang J. Understanding all solid-state lithium batteries through in situ transmission electron microscopy. Materials Today 2021, vol. 42, p. 137-161. DOI : 10.1016/j.mattod.2020.09.003
METRIC : 44732634 / HAL : hal-03152522

ACL-2021-039. Madec L., Tang C., Ledeuil J.-B., Giaume D., Guerlou-Demourgues L., Martinez H. Cross-section Auger analysis to study the bulk organization/structure of Mn-Co nano-composites for hybrid supercapacitors. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2021, vol. 168, n° 1, p. 010508 (6 p.). DOI : 10.1149/1945-7111/abd606
METRIC : 35176540 / HAL : hal-03143007

ACL-2021-028. Hasler C., Hauser A., Olchowka J., Hagemann H. Energy transfer between different Eu2+ ions in the white phosphor Ba7F12Cl2:Eu2+. Journal of Luminescence 2021, vol. 233, p. 117866 (7 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.jlumin.2020.117866
METRIC : 44779866 / HAL : hal-03123051

ACL-2021-024. Delmas C., Carlier D., Guignard M. The layered oxides in lithium and sodium-ion batteries : a solid-state chemistry approach. Advanced Energy Materials 2021, vol. 11, n° 2, p. 2001201 (20 p.). DOI : 10.1002/aenm.202001201
METRIC : 34043426 / HAL : hal-02945300

ACL-2021-018. Singh B., Wang Z., Park S., Sai Gautam G., Chotard J.-N., Croguennec L., Carlier D., Cheetham A. K., Masquelier C., Canepa P. A chemical map of NaSiCON electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries . Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2021, vol. 9, n° 1, p. 281-292. DOI : 10.1039/D0TA10688G
METRIC : 39167983 / HAL : hal-03025988

ACL-2021-012. Quesne-Turin A., Flahaut D., Salvato Vallverdu G., Croguennec L., Allouche J., Weill F., Ménétrier M., Baraille I. Surface reactivity of Li2MnO3: Structural and morphological impact. Applied Surface Science 2021, vol. 541, p. 148514 (9 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.apsusc.2020.148514
METRIC : 39743947 / HAL : hal-03075443

ACL-2021-006. Hasa I., Mariyappan S., Saurel D., Adellhelm P., Koposov A. Y., Masquelier C., Croguennec L., Casas-Cabanas M. Challenges of today for Na-based batteries of the future: From materials to cell metrics. Journal of Power Sources 2021, vol. 482 , p. 228872 (27 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2020.228872
METRIC : 33582254 / HAL : hal-02944545

ACL-2020-160. Grundish N. S., Seymour I. D., Li Y., Sand J.-B., Henkelman G., Delmas C., Goodenough J. B. Structural and electrochemical consequences of sodium in the transition-metal layer of O'3-Na3Ni1.5TeO6. Chemistry of Materials 2020, vol. 32, n° 23, p. 10035–10044. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.0c03248
METRIC : 36576487 / HAL : hal-03048617

ACL-2020-158. Olchowka J., Nguyen L. H. B., Petit E., Sanz Camacho P., Masquelier C., Carlier D., Croguennec L. Ionothermal synthesis of polyanionic electrode material Na3V2(PO4)2FO2 through a topotactic reaction. Inorganic Chemistry 2020, vol. 59, n° 23, p. 17282-17290. DOI : 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c02546
METRIC : 37489095 / HAL : hal-03028092

ACL-2020-155. Caracciolo L., Madec L., Petit E., Gabaudan V., Carlier D., Croguennec L., Martinez H. Electrochemical redox processes involved in carbon-coated KVPO4F for high voltage K-ion batteries revealed by XPS analysis. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2020, vol. 167, n° 13, p. 130527 (4 p.). DOI : 10.1149/1945-7111/abbb0c
METRIC : 33535992 / HAL : hal-02982857

ACL-2020-152. Nguyen L. H. B., Iadecola A., Belin S., Olchowka J., Masquelier C., Carlier D., Croguennec L. A combined operando synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy and first-principles density functional theory study to unravel the vanadium reedox paradox in the Na3V2PO4)2F3–Na3V2(PO4)2FO2compositions. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2020, vol. 124, n° 43, p. 23511–23522. DOI : 10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c06967
METRIC : 38683296 / HAL : hal-02978467

ACL-2020-144. Zhao C., Wang Q., Yao Z., Wang J., Sánchez-Lengeling B., Qi X., Lu Y., Bai X., Li B., Li H., Aspuru-Guzik A., Huang X., Delmas C., Wagemaker M., Chen L., Hu Y.-S. Rational design of layered oxide materials for sodium-ion batteries. Science (Washington, DC, United States) 2020, vol. 370, n° 6517, p. 708-711. DOI : 10.1126/science.aay9972
METRIC : 27406647 / HAL : hal-02992595

ACL-2020-135. Mattei G., Dagdelen J., Bianchini M., Ganose A., Jain A., Suard E., Fauth F., Masquelier C., Croguennec L., Ceder G., Persson K., Khalifah P. Enumeration as a tool for structure solution – a materials genomic approach to solving the cation-ordered structure of Na3V2(PO4)2F3. Chemistry of Materials 2020, vol. 32, n° 20, p. 8981–8992. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.0c03190
METRIC : 35982811 / HAL : hal-02959314

ACL-2020-129. Olchowka J., Invernizzi R., Lemoine A., Allouche J., Baraille I., Flahaut D., Guerlou-Demourgues L. Stabilization and improvement of energy storage performance of high mass loading cobalt hydroxide electrode by surface functionalization. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 2020, vol. 167, n° 10, p. 100527 (7 p.). DOI : 10.1149/1945-7111/ab9a03
METRIC : 31287366 / HAL : hal-02972539

ACL-2020-125. Bamine T., Boivin E., Masquelier C., Croguennec L., Salager E. and Carlier D. Local atomic and electronic structure in the LiVPO4(F,O) tavorite‐type materials from solid‐state NMR combined with DFT calculations. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 2020, vol. 58, n° 11, p. 1109-1117. DOI : 10.1002/mrc.5059
METRIC : 33439328 / HAL : hal-02945311

ACL-2020-097. Castro L., Petit E., Benayad A., Mauvy F., Pecquenard B., Le Cras F., Barchasz C. Evaluation of chemical stability of conducting ceramics to protect metallic lithium in Li/S batteries. Solid State Ionics 2020, vol. 354, p. 115402 (9 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.ssi.2020.115402
METRIC : 34501174 / HAL : hal-02907462

ACL-2020-066. Adán-Más A., Taryba M. G., Silva T. M., Guerlou-Demourgues L., Montermor M. F. In-situ localized pH, pNa and dissolved O2 measurements during charge-discharge of mixed Ni–Co hydroxide electrodes. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2020, vol. 167, n° 8, p. 080511 (8 p.). DOI : 10.1149/1945-7111/ab8924
METRIC : 31102282 / HAL : hal-02639285

ACL-2020-044. Biecher Y., Smiley D. L., Guignard M., Fauth F., Berthelot R., Delmas C., Goward G. R., Carlier D. Original layered OP4-(Li,Na)xCoO2 phase: insights on its structure, electronic structure, and dynamics from solid state NMR. Inorganic Chemistry 2020, vol. 59, n° 8, p. 5339-5349. DOI : 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.9b03417
METRIC : 32435219 / HAL : hal-02569531

ACL-2020-032. Vitoux L., Guignard M., Penin N., Carlier D., Darriet J., Delmas C. NaMoO2 : a layered oxide with molybdenum clusters. Inorganic Chemistry 2020, vol. 59, n° 6, p. 4015-4023. DOI : 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.9b03688
METRIC : 34043427 / HAL : hal-02521818

ACL-2020-029. Duffiet M., Blangero M., Cabelguen P. E., Song K. S., Fauth F., Delmas C., Carlier D. Probing Al distribution in LiCo0.96Al0.04O2 materials using 7Li, 27Al, and 59Co MAS NMR combined with synchrotron X-ray diffraction. Inorganic Chemistry 2020, vol. 59, n° 5, p. 2890-2899. DOI : 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.9b03260
METRIC : 32435228 / HAL : hal-02508078

ACL-2020-012. Flamary-Mespoulie F., Boulineau A., Martinez H., Suchomel M. R., Delmas C., Pecquenard B., Le Cras F. Lithium-rich layered titanium sulfides: Cobalt- and Nickel-free high capacity cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Energy Storage Materials 2020, vol. 26, p. 213-222. DOI : 10.1016/j.ensm.2019.12.033
METRIC : 34501176 / HAL : hal-02446540


Liste des proceedings, extended abstracts, revues, chapitres, vulgarisation,… avec ou sans comité de lecture

ACLN-2021-05. Etourneau J., Delmas C., Jobic S., Whangbo M.-H. In honor of John Bannister Goodenough, an outstanding visionary. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 2021, vol. 26, n° 21, p. 6624 (5 p.). DOI : 10.3390/molecules26216624 / HAL : hal-03411626

ACLN-2021-03. Carlier D., Chotard J.-N., Croguennec L., Delmas C., Guignard M., Masquelier C. A la découverte des matériaux d'électrode positive de batteries Nai-ion. L'Actualité Chimique 2021, n° 464, p. 22-28.

ACLN-2021-02. Delmas C. De Volta à votre smartphone : une histoire de batteries. L'Actualité Chimique 2021, n° 464, p. 9-15.


Ouvrages scientifiques et ouvrages de vulgarisation (ou chapitres de ces ouvrages)

OS-2021-02. Jobis S., Delmas C., Whangbo M.-H., Etourneau J. (editors) A themed issue dedicated to professor John B. Goodenough [on line]. Basel, Switzerland: MDPI, 2021, p. 248 (pages). ISBN 978-3-0365-3194-6
Numéro Spécial de : Molecules, 2021, vol. 26. / HAL : hal-03311185


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Liste des Thèses

T 2021-01. Denoyelle Q.
Microbatteries lithium(-ion) tout solide pour applications haute température. Th. Doct.: Université de Bordeaux: Physico-Chimie de la Matière Condensée: 2021. (Directeur(s) de thèse : Pecquenard B., Le Cras F.).

T 2020-02. Tailliez Th.
Oxydes lamellaires à base de cobalt, de nickel et de manganèse pour électrodes de supercondensateurs. Th. Doct.: Université de Bordeaux: Physico-Chimie de la Matière Condensée: 2020. (Directrice de thèse : L. Guerlou-Demourgues) / TEL : tel-03270872.