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ACL-2022-120. Diez-Garcia M., Gaitero J. J., Aguirre F. B., Erkizia Jauregi E., San-Jose J. T., Aymonier C., Dolado J. S. Synthesis and addition of Al-substituted Tobermorite particles to cement pastes. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 2022, vol. 34, n° 12, p. 04022329 (10 p.). DOI : 10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0004486 / HAL : hal-03794387

ACL-2022-116. Niu Y.-Q., Liu J.-H., Aymonier C., Fermani S., Krajl D., Falini G., Zhou C. H. Calcium carbonate: controlled synthesis, surface functionalization, and nanostructured materials. Chemical Society Reviews 2022, vol. 51, n° 18, p. 7883-7943. DOI : 10.1039/D1CS00519G / HAL : hal-03760034

ACL-2022-104. Legout P., Lefebvre G., Gimel J.-C., Benyahia L., Gibaud A., Marre S., Simonsson C., Wang S., Colombani O., Calvignac B. Reactive precipitation of vaterite calcium carbonate microspheres in supercritical carbon dioxide-water dispersion by microfluidics. Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2022, vol. 188, p. 105678 (13 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.supflu.2022.105678 / HAL : hal-03737443

ACL-2022-097. Guignard J., Prakasam M., Largeteau A. High pressure (HP) in Spark plasma sintering (SPS) processes : application to the polycrystalline diamond. Materials (Basel, Switzerland) 2022, vol. 15, n° 14, p. 4804 (15 p.). DOI : 10.3390/ma15144804
WOS : 000832011800001 / HAL : hal-03735861

ACL-2022-075. Degraeve B., Lefeuvre B., Rocton N., Herbert N., Hamrouni N., Haus G., Largeteau A., Prakasam M., Oudadesse H., Merdrignac-Conanec O. Processing of highly porous bioglass monoliths by hydrothermal hot pressing. Ceramics International 2022, vol. 48, n° 13, p. 18190-18198. DOI : 10.1016/j.ceramint.2022.03.078
WOS : 000807242500005 / HAL : hal-03643101

ACL-2022-074. Portehault D., Gómez-Recio I., Baron M. A., Musumeci V., Aymonier C., Rouchon V., Le Godec Y. Geoinspired syntheses of materials and nanomaterials. Chemical Society Reviews 2022, vol. 51, n° 11, p. 4828-4866. DOI : 10.1039/D0CS01283A
WOS : 000800908900001 / HAL : hal-03693308

ACL-2022-065. Cario A., Larzillière M., Nguyen O., Alain K., Marre S. High-pressure microfluidics for ultra-fast microbial phenotyping. Frontiers in Microbiology 2022, vol. 13, p. p. 866681 (15 p.). DOI : 10.3389/fmicb.2022.866681
WOS : 000806846000001 / HAL : hal-03683039

ACL-2022-059. Villatte L., Rua Taborda M. I., Ndayishimiye A., Randall C. A., Largeteau A., Goglio G., Elissalde C., Bordère S. Mechanisms and energetics in the early stages of solvent-assisted low-temperature sintering of ZnO. Materialia 2022, vol. 22, p. 101417 (13 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.mtla.2022.101418 / HAL : hal-03673069

ACL-2022-049. Musumeci V., Sanz Camacho P., Xu K., Monteiro P. J. M., Dolado J. S. and Aymonier C. Sub- and supercritical hydrothermal route for the synthesis of xonotlite nanofibers for application to green concrete materials. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2022, vol. 184, p. 105583 (11 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.supflu.2022.105583
METRIC : 52675610 / HAL : hal-03641336

ACL-2022-045. Guignard J., Prakasam M., Largeteau A. A review of binderless polycrystalline diamonds: focus on the high-pressure-high-temperature sintering process. Materials (Basel, Switzerland) 2022, vol. 15, n° 6, p. 2198 (36 p.). DOI : 10.3390/ma15062198
WOS : 000774971500001 / HAL : hal-03626839

ACL-2022-044. Guesnet L., Aubert G., Hubert S., Geffroy P. M., Aymonier C., Bassat J. M. Infiltration of nickel and copper catalysts into a GDC backbone assisted by supercritical CO2 for efficient SOFC anodes. Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2022, vol. 6, n° 7, p. 1801-1811. DOI : 10.1039/D2SE00251E
WOS : 000769617500001 / HAL : hal-03618300

ACL-2022-011. Ochoa-Vazquez G., Kharisov B., Arizmendi-Morquecho A., Cario A., Aymonier C., Marre S., López I. Continuous segmented-flow synthesis of Ag and Au nanoparticles using a low-cost microfluidic PTFE tubing reactor. IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience 2022, vol. 21, n° 1, p. 135-140. DOI : 10.1109/TNB.2021.3101189
METRIC : 46411335 / HAL : hal-03351576

ACL-2022-006. Jaouhari T., Marre S., Tassaing T., Fery-Forgues S., Aymonier C., Erriguible A. Investigating nucleation and growth phenomena in microfluidic supercritical antisolvent process by coupling in situ fluorescence spectroscopy and direct numerical simulation. Chemical Engineering Science 2022, vol. 248, p. 117240 (11 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.ces.2021.117240
METRIC : 49151044 / HAL : hal-03436269

ACL-2022-002. Cario A., Aubert G., Alcaraz J.-P., Borra J.-P., Jidenko N., Barrault M., Bourrous S., Mocho V., Ouf F. X., Marre S., Cinquin P., Aymonier C. Supercritical carbon dioxide-based cleaning and sterilization treatments for the reuse of filtering facepiece respirators FFP2 in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2022, vol. 180, p. 105428 (8 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.supflu.2021.105428
METRIC : 50096333 / HAL : hal-03384956

ACL-2021-143. Glogic E., Claverie M., Jubayed M., Musumeci V., Carême C., Martin F., Sonneman G., Aymonier C. Greening pathways for synthetic talc production based on the supercritical hydrothermal flow process. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2021, vol. 9, n° 49, p. 16597–16605. DOI : 10.1021/acssuschemeng.1c05120
WOS : 000753961000008 / HAL : hal-03455493

ACL-2021-134. Bourbiaux D., Xu Y., Burel L., Goc F., Fongarland P., Philippe R., Aubert G., Aymonier C., Rataboul F., Djakovitch L. Investigating (pseudo)-heterogeneous Pd-catalysts for kraft lignin depolymerization under mild aqueous basic conditions. Catalysts (Basel, Switzerland) 2021, vol. 11, n° 11, p. 1311 (20 p.). DOI : 10.3390/catal11111311
METRIC : 49713418 / HAL : hal-03411521

ACL-2021-133. Prakasam M., Silvain J. F., Largeteau A. Innovative high-pressure fabrication processes for porous biomaterials—A review. Bioengineering (Basel, Switzerland) 2021, vol. 8, n° 11, p. 170 (22 p.). DOI : 10.3390/bioengineering8110170
WOS : 000727252800001 / HAL : hal-03411463

ACL-2021-117. Giroire B., Garcia A., Marre S., Cardinal T., Aymonier C. Chemistry platform for the ultrafast continuous synthesis of high-quality III–V quantum dots. Chemistry--A European Journal 2021, vol. 27, n° 51, p. 12965-12970. DOI : 10.1002/chem.202101802
WOS : 000680942500001 / HAL : hal-03354280

ACL-2021-111. he Q. M., Liu J. H., Aymonier C., Zhou C. H. In situ fabrication of layered double hydroxide film immobilizing gold nanoparticles in capillary microreactor for efficient catalytic carbonylation of glycerol. Molecular Catalysis 2021, vol. 513, p. 111825 (11 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.mcat.2021.111825
WOS : 000693345800004 / HAL : hal-03339915

ACL-2021-105. Musumeci V., Goracci G., Sanz Camacho P., Dolado J. S., Aymonier C. Correlation between the dynamics of nanoconfined water and the local chemical environment in calcium silicate hydrate nanominerals. Chemistry - A European Journal 2021, vol. , n° 44, p. 11309-11318. DOI : 10.1002/chem.202100098
METRIC : 45599709 / HAL : hal-03281274

ACL-2021-090. De Marco M. L., Jiang T., Fang J., Lacomme S., Zheng Y., Baron A., Korgel B. A., Barois P., Drisko G. L., Aymonier C. Broadband forward light scattering by architectural design of core–shell silicon particles. Advanced Functional Materials 2021, vol. 31, n° 26, p. 2100915 (11 p.). DOI : 10.1002/adfm.202100915
METRIC : 42763528 / HAL : hal-03188905

ACL-2021-083. Biscay N., Henry L., Adschiri T., Yoshimura M., Aymonier C. Behavior of silicon carbide materials under dry to hydrothermal conditions. Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland) 2021, vol. 11, n° 5, p. 1351 (65 p.). DOI : 10.3390/nano11051351
METRIC : 47503318 / HAL : hal-03256894

ACL-2021-079. Aymonier C., Gromov N. V., Taran O. P., Parmon V. N. Hydrolysis–dehydration of cellulose to glucose and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over Sibunit solid acid carbon catalysts under semi-flow conditions. Wood Science and Technology 2021, vol. 55, n° 3, p. 607-624. DOI : 10.1007/s00226-021-01271-z
METRIC : 42533418 / HAL : hal-03219472

ACL-2021-076. Puzyrev D., Fisher D., Harth K., Tritell T., Hidalgo R. C., Falcon E., Noirhomme M., Opsomer E., Vandewalle N., Garrabos Y., Lecoutre C., Palencia F., Stannarius R. Visual analysis of density and velocity profiles in dense 3D granular gases. Scientific Reports 2021, vol. 11, p. 10621 (12 p.). DOI : 10.1038/s41598-021-89949-z
METRIC : 46606852 / HAL : hal-03237806

ACL-2021-071. Oprisan A., Oprisan S. A., Garrabos Y., Lecoutre C., Beysens D. Density fluctuation analysis very near above and below critical point using morphological and spatiotemporal information. European Physical Journal Plus 2021, vol. 136, n° 5, p. 523 (17 p.). DOI : 10.1140/epjp/s13360-021-01531-8
METRIC : 46122058 / HAL : hal-03230780

ACL-2021-053. Noirhomme M., Cazaubiel A., Falcon E., Fischer D., Garrabos Y., Lecoutre C., Mawet S., Opsomer E., Palencia F., Pillitteri S., Vandewalle N. Particle dynamics at the onset of the granular gas-liquid transition. Physical Review Letters 2021, vol. 126, n° 12, p. 128002 (5 p.). DOI : 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.128002
METRIC : 44479292 / HAL : hal-03184723

ACL-2021-041. Kumar R., Jin Y., Marre S., Poncelet O., Brunet T., Leng J., Mondain-Monval O. Drying kinetics and acoustic properties of soft porous polymer materials. Journal of Porous Materials 2021, vol. 28, n° 1, p. 249–259. DOI : 10.1007/s10934-020-00987-w
METRIC : 34467742 / HAL : hal-02975532

ACL-2021-036. Campbell Z. S., Han S., Marre S., Abolhasani M. Continuous flow solar desorption of CO2 from aqueous amines. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2021, vol. 9, n° 6, p. 2570–2579. DOI : 10.1021/acssuschemeng.0c08600
METRIC : 35656104 / HAL : hal-03142055

ACL-2021-008. Bremond E., Leygue N., Jaouhari T., Saffon-Merceron N., Erriguible A., Fery-Forgues S. Effect of substitution on the solid-state fluorescence properties of styrylbenzoxazole derivatives with terminal dicyanomethylene group. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2021, vol. 404, p. 112857 (9 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.jphotochem.2020.112857
METRIC : 33088241 / HAL : hal-02973036

ACL-2021-007. Oprisan A., Garrabos Y., Lecoutre C., Beysens D. Multiscale empirical mode decomposition of density fluctuation images very near above and below the critical point of SF6. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2021, vol. 561, p. 125293 (18 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.physa.2020.125293
METRIC : 36435466 / HAL : hal-02947750

ACL-2020-166. Prakasam M., Balima F., Noudem J., Largeteau A. Dense MgB2 ceramics by ultrahigh pressure field-assisted sintering. Ceramics (Basel, Switzerland) 2020, vol. 3, n° 4, p. 521-532. DOI : 10.3390/ceramics3040042 / HAL : hal-03085991

ACL-2020-161. Daro N., Vaudel T., Afindouli L., Marre S., Aymonier C., Chastanet G. One‐step synthesis of spin crossover nanoparticles using flow chemistry and supercritical CO2. Chemistry--A European Journal 2020, vol. 26, n° 69, p. 16286-16290. DOI : 10.1002/chem.202002322
METRIC : 36156717 / HAL : hal-02945200

ACL-2020-159. Henry L., Biscay N., Huguet C., Loison S., Aymonier C. A water-based process for the surface functionalisation of ceramic fibres. Green Chemistry 2020, vol. 22, n° 23, p. 8308-8315 . DOI : 10.1039/D0GC02987D
METRIC : 34251685 / HAL : hal-03048162

ACL-2020-157. Poupart R., Lacour T., Darnige P., Poncelet O., Aristégui C., Voisin T., Marre S., Brunet T., Mondain-Monval O. Elaboration of soft porous ultrasound insulators. RSC Advances 2020, vol. 10, n° 68, p. 41946-41953. DOI : 10.1039/D0RA07269A
METRIC : 34385396 / HAL : hal-03023604

ACL-2020-127. Auxéméry A., Philippot G., Suchomel M. R., Testemale D., Aymonier C. Stabilization of tetragonal zirconia nanocrystallites using an original supercritical-based synthesis route. Chemistry of Materials 2020, vol. 32, n° 19, p. 8169-8181. DOI : 10.1021/acs.chemmater.0c01550
METRIC : 35516505 / HAL : hal-02955396

ACL-2020-109. Gromov N. V., Taran O. P., Aymonier C., Parmon V. N. Kinetic modeling of the multistep hydrolysis-dehydration of cellulose to platform molecules over a solid carbon acid catalyst in pure water. Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 2020, vol. 130, n° 2, p. 669-684. DOI : 10.1007/s11144-020-01814-8
METRIC : 33520155 / HAL : hal-02928738

ACL-2020-104. Duverger-Nédellec E., Voisin T., Erriguible A., Aymonier C. Unveiling the complexity of salt(s) in water under transcritical conditions. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2020, vol. 165, p. 104977 (12 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.supflu.2020.104977
METRIC : 34747058 / HAL : hal-02922129

ACL-2020-099. Jost A. M. D., Glockner S., Erriguible A. Direct numerical simulations of fluids mixing above mixture critical point. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2020, vol. 165, p. 104939 (12 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.supflu.2020.104939
METRIC : 32021043 / HAL : hal-02909189

ACL-2020-085. Morais S., Liu N., Bernard D., Lecoutre C., Garrabos Y., Ranchou-Peyruse A., Dupraz C., Hartman R., Marre S. Studying key processes related to CO2 underground storage at the pore scale using hihg pressure micromodels. Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 2020, vol. 5, n° 7, p. 1156-1185. DOI : 10.1039/D0RE00023J
METRIC : 32115053 / HAL : hal-02641414

ACL-2020-074. Hicks M. C., Hegde U. G., Lecoutre C., Marre S., Garrabos Y. Supercritical water (SCW) investigations in the DECLIC and DECLIC-Evo: Past, present and future. Acta Astronautica 2020, vol. 176, p. 59-68. DOI : 10.1016/j.actaastro.2020.06.006
METRIC : 34028317 / HAL : hal-02874739

ACL-2020-068. Jaouhari T., Zhang F., Tassaing T., Fery-Forgues S., C. A., Marre S., Erriguible A. Process intensification for the synthesis of ultra-small organic nanoparticles with supercritical CO2 in a microfluidic system. Chemical Engineering Journal (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2020, vol. 397, p. 125333 (16 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.cej.2020.125333
METRIC : 30903119 / HAL : hal-02768081

ACL-2020-054. Voisin T., Erriguible A., Aymonier C. A new solvent system : hydrothermal molten salt. Science Advances 2020, vol. 6, n° 17, p. eaaz7770 (7 p.). DOI : 10.1126/sciadv.aaz7770
METRIC : 34747060 / HAL : hal-02613986

ACL-2020-046. Auxéméry A., Botello Fraias B., Smal E., Dziadek K., G. P., Legutko P., Simonov M., Thomas S., Adamski A., Sadykov V., Parkhomenko K., Roger A.-C., Aymonier C. Continuous supercritical solvothermal preparation of nanostructured ceria-zirconia as supports for dry methane reforming catalysts. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2020, vol. 162, p. 104855 (10 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.supflu.2020.104855
METRIC : 34747059 / HAL : hal-02570555

ACL-2020-014. Chakrabarty A., Maity M., Raffy G., Marre S., Aymonier C., Maitra U., Del Guerzo A. Wire-like tip-to-tip linked assemblies of CdSe-Cds quantum rods promoted on supramolecular nanofibers of hybrid organo- and hydrogels. ChemNanoMat 2020, vol. 6, n° 1, p. 79-88. DOI : 10.1002/cnma.201900428
METRIC : 31624404 / HAL : hal-02394212

ACL-2020-011. Ari J., Louvet G., Ledemi Y., Célarié F., Morais S., Bureau B., Marre S., Nazabal V., Messaddeq Y. Anodic bonding of mid-infrared transparent germanate glasses for high pressure - high temperature microfluidic applications. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 2020, vol. 21, n° 1, p. 11-24. DOI : 10.1080/14686996.2019.1702861
METRIC : 36156720 / HAL : hal-02467111

ACL-2020-006. Zhang F., Marre S., Erriguible A. Mixing intensification under turbulent conditions in a high pressure microreactor. Chemical Engineering Journal (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2020, vol. 382, p. 122859 (12 p.). DOI : 10.1016/j.cej.2019.122859
METRIC : 36156719 / HAL : hal-02318108


Liste des proceedings, extended abstracts, revues, chapitres, vulgarisation,… avec ou sans comité de lecture

ACLN-2022-04. Aymonier C., Cario A., Aubert G. and Voisin T. Le CO2 supercritique pour la régénération des masques FFP2. L'Actualité Chimique 2022, n° 476, p. 63-64.

ACLN-2021-06. Sharma D., Erriguible A., Nguyen O., Lecoutre C., Garrabos Y., Hegde U. G., Hicks M. C., Marre S. Supercritical water oxidation at microscale for space applications: a preliminary study. Actes du Colloque Annuel du GdR CNRS MFA 2799 "Microgravité Fondamentale et Appliquée" : 02 au 4 novembre 2021, Carry-Le-Rouet, France. Carry-Le-Rouet: GdR MFA, 2021, p. 2 pages.

ACLN-2020-07. Zhang F., Erriguible A., Nguyen O., Lecoutre C., Garrabos Y., Hegde U. G., Hicks M. C., Marre S. Coupling experimental and numerical modeling for studying mixing thermo-hydrodynamic phenomena in a microfluidic reactor working under pressure. Actes du Colloque Annuel du GdR CNRS MFA 2799 "Microgravité Fondamentale et Appliquée" : 20 au 22 octobre 2020, Marseille. Marseille: GdR MFA, 2020, p. 2 pages.


Ouvrages scientifiques et ouvrages de vulgarisation (ou chapitres de ces ouvrages)

OS-2022-03. Largeteau A.(editors) High pressure synthesis in materials science [on line]. Basel, Switzerland: MDPI, 2022
Numéro Spécial de : Materials, 2021-2022, vol. 14 (7),vol. 14(8), vol. 14(15), vol.15(6).
Lien internet :

OS-2022-02. Largeteau A., Prakasam M. (editors) Spark plasma synthesis under high pressure for advanced materials [on line]. Basel, Switzerland: MDPI, 2022
Numéro Spécial de : Materials (Basel, Switz.), 2021-2022, vol. 14(19), vol. 15(14).
Lien internet :

OS-2021-05. Aymonier C. Hors des sentiers battus. Étonnante chimie : découvertes et promesses du XXIe siècle. sous la direction de Pradier C.-M., Teyssandier F., Parisel O. Paris: CNRS Éditions, 2021, p. 122-127. ISBN 978-2-271-13652-7.


Liste des Brevets

BR-2022-02. UNIVERSITE DE BORDEAUX (Fr.) ; CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE (Fr.) ; INSTITUT POLYTECHNIQUE DE BORDEAUX (Fr.). Procédé et installation de nettoyage d'un matériau filtrant. Aymonier C., Aubert G., Cario C. France Brevet FR 2007648. 2022. 20 p.
Extension : International Patent WO 2022018059 (27-01-2022).

BR-2021-04. CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE (Fr.) ; CENTRE NATIONAL D'ETUDES SPATIALES (Fr.). Microréacteurs en saphir. Marre S., Lecoutre C., Garrabos Y., Fauveau C., Cario A., Nguyen O. France Brevet FR 3108860. 2021. 22 p.
Extension : International Patent WO 2021205115 (14-10-2022).

BR-2021-01. FUNDACION TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (Es.) . Method for preparing amoprhous hydrotalcite like layered double hydroxides, compounds and uses thereof. Erkizia Jauregi E., Salvador Polo A., Sanchez Dolado J., Aymonier C. European Patent EP 3838845. 2021. 21 p.


Liste des Thèses

T 2021-16. Aguirre Yagüe F. B.
Synthèse hydrothermale sous- et supercritique de xonolite et de tobermorite fonctionnalisées en tant qu’additifs et leur effet sur la processabilité des ciments. Th. Doct.: Université de Bordeaux : Unviersida del Pais Vasco (Espagne): Physico-Chimie de la Matière Condensée: 2021. (Directeur(s) de thèse : Aymonier C., Erkizia Jauregi E.).

T 2021-13. Biscay N.
Traitement de surface de fibres Hi-Nicalon S en milieux supercritiques. Th. Doct.: Université de Bordeaux: Physico-Chimie de la Matière Condensée: 2021. (Directeur(s) de thèse : Aymonier C.).

T 2021-07. Musumeci V.
A supercritical water-based technology for calcium silicate hydrate nanoparticles production. Th. Doct.: Université de Bordeaux : Universidad del País Vasco: Chimie Physique: 2021. (Directeur(s) de thèse : Aymonier C., Sanchez Dolado J.).

T 2021-06. Jaouhari Th.
Procédé anti-solvant microfluidique pour la synthèse de nanoparticules organiques fluorescentes en conditions supercritiques . Th. Doct.: Université de Bordeaux: Physico-Chimie de la Matière Condensée: 2021. (Directeur(s) de thèse : Erriguible A., Marre S.).

T 2021-05. Fauveau C.
Approches micro- et millifluidiques pour l’évaluation de la production d’hydrogène dans un milieux multiphasique CO2/H2O dans des conditions géologiques. Th. Doct.: Université de Bordeaux: Physico-Chimie de la Matière Condensée: 2021. (Directeur(s) de thèse : Aymonier C., Marre S.).